Suddenly Slimmer

ImageGet ready to look 6 to 20 inches thinner in only 60 minutes with Suddenly Slimmer. One of the leaders in mineral body wraps, Suddenly Slimmer promises to wipe clean that unsightly cellulite while helping your figure at the same time.

The wrap system works by having a balance in the oncitic pressure(internal cell pressure) while cleansing the fluid in and between the body's fat cells. In doing so, the contaminated matter is removed and the interstitial fluid surrounding the infected area is also released.

Once the extra fluid is released, gaps between the cells form. Elasticbandages are used to keep the cells in place and get them to stick to eachother, creating a more compact body shape.

If you are one of those individuals looking for instant gratification, youmay just find the answer to your weight-loss prayers with the miraclemineral body wraps. With nearly 40 locations throughout the country, the
LA-based Suddenly Slimmer is one of numerous salons that offer body sculptingservices.

ImageSuddenly Slimmer offers four different wraps -- the Anti-Aging Body Wrap, the Fat Burning Wrap, the MSM Body Wrap and the Power Wrap. Each wrap ismade to cater to the specific wants of the client.

With the Anti-Aging wrap, benefits include skin tightening, the appearanceof cellulite reduction and a slimmer look in torso, hips and abdomen.Suddenly slimmer guarantees a 10 to 30 inch loss with the first wrap. Just
one wrap should show a noticeable reduction in cellulite.

Suddenly Slimmer recommends that clients get wrapped one to two times aweek, shed one pound a week and follow the recommended supplementation.

The Fat Burning Wrap, also known as the Lipase Body Wrap, is done in two different stages. During the initial stage, the client is covered in ace bandages which have been soaked in a fat-reducing enzyme known as Lipase for 30 minutes. During the 30-minute session, the client moves around to promote circulation.

ImageAfter the bandages are taken off, they are wrapped in another set of bandages soaked in the SlenderTone mineral solution. Once again, they move around to increase the inches lost. After 30 minutes, the client is unwrapped. Both steps are necessary for optimum results.

The MSM Body Wrap uses free natural Sulfur which promotes healthy levels of Collagen and Keratin, both of which build firm skin. In addition to reducing scar tissue, it also fights wrinkles.

The Power Wrap is the new, better version that rejuvenates the body similar to the Anti-Aging Wrap. Yet, the whittling process through the torso is more obvious.

While the wrap procedures do not promote weight loss, they do give the body a slimmer appearance. Many clients seek out the treatments after losing weight, giving birth or to reduce the appearance of aging.

But although Suddenly Slimmer promises instant results, it usually requires up to 10 wraps to appear a size smaller.