Tips to Finding The Perfect Baby Care Center

One of the hardest decisions that a new mother must make is which baby care center to use for her child when it is time for her to return to work. The good news is that you can do much to alleviate the stress of this decision for you and your baby by taking the time to do some research before selecting the best baby care center for you and your child. There are some guidelines and criteria that you can follow to ensure that the baby care center you choose will offer the best care to meet your child's needs.

The first thing that you can look for is whether the day care is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). This is probably the highest accreditation that can be given to a day care, so if there is one that you are considering with this mark to its name you can rest assured that it is a quality center. However, there are only about 6000 such centers around the country, so it is possible that you will need to move to other types of criteria in selecting the right center for you.


A good reputation is paramount in a baby care center that you should consider. You can find out what a center's reputation is by talking to other moms and teachers in the area, or asking the center for references from its current client list. Some things to look for include the friendliness of the staff, and a nurturing environment for the children. It is also important that the baby care center has a good record when it comes to safety, so that you can rest assured that your little one will not come to harm while in the care of this staff.


Even while your child is very young, you want your baby care center to provide a stimulating environment that will allow your child to explore and learn. There should be a healthy combination of physical activity, quiet time with reading and free play opportunities. Time for meals and snacks should be a part of the schedule as well, and a safe outdoor play area is a good indication that your child will receive the benefits of fresh air and exercise. It is also good for a baby care center to offer time for group activities as well as individual time, such as nap time for the very young children.


Finally, you want your baby care center to provide a gentle, nurturing staff for the children with the proper adult to child ratio. For babies, this means one caregiver for every three or four children, and for toddlers this number goes up to one caregiver for every three to five kids. Ratios are extremely important in ensuring that your child will get the quality of care and attention that he requires.

Finding a quality baby care center can be a stressful challenge for some new mothers. The good news is that there are plenty of good guidelines to follow to ensure that your child receives the highest quality of care possible.

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