Beauty Apps for your iPhone

Ah, the iPhone. For many, a trusted digital companion, always keeping you connected to friends, family, news and trends no matter where you are - at home lounging on the couch with a glass of wine or on the go.

These top beauty applications are all available for download through the iTunes store. They're fun, informative and some may even help you lead a healthier life. Choose a few favorites - or all of them! - and you'll have a handy beauty resource for any situation.


Beauty Product Reviews by

How often do you find yourself wondering if a change in mascara brands will help your eyes really pop? If you're anything like most women, you probably ask friends and family about their favorite brands and preferences, but with this application from Total Beauty, you'll have thousands of product reviews right at your fingertips.

This free app for the iPhone supplies consumer reviews on thousands of beauty products from shampoos and moisturizers to make-up and nail polish. It includes products available at drug stores as well as higher end department store products.

Makeup Tips & Tricks

This make-up app has great advice and fun tips for everything make-up related. You will learn basic make-up application tips as well as coveted secrets like how to create the appearance of fuller, plumper lips. With categories including: eyes, nails, lips, skin and acne, and the affordable $1.19 price tag, this app is a must-have.


iStylist Makeover

Ever wondered what you'd look like with Reese Witherspoon's locks? Or how about Michelle William's pixie cut? With the iStylist Makeover app, you can find out! This application is tons of fun, especially with a group of friends. Simply upload a pic, or take one with your iphone's camera, and try a variety of hairstyles - women's, men's, and celebrities, too! This app also comes with accessories, so you can try on dangly earrings and shades with your JLo up-do. You know, just to see if it works for you.

In all seriousness, this is a really great way to try out a new look before going to the salon. The iStylist app is all yours for a mere .99 through iTunes.

Lose It!

Is counting calories part of your beauty regimen? The Lose It! app makes keeping a food diary a piece of cake... or, spinach. With this application, enter your current weight and goal (even if your goal is to maintain your weight) and the application will give you a daily calorie recommendation. From there it is no sweat to enter the foods you eat during the day and their quantities. The app has thousands of foods in its database and will remember your favorites for easy access. You can also add your own recipes. Keep track of your exercise for the day as well and you'll find yourself in possession of some extra calories here and there.


Record your weight weekly, monthly or whenever you get around to it and the application will chart your progress. You can also modify your goals anytime if you find yourself ahead of, or behind (ahem), the curve.


The quintessential nail polish brand with the awesome product names has a fun, simple and free app for your iPhone. OPI's entire line of nail colors is available to view on a demo hand that matches your skin tone. Finally, you'll be able to decide between Cajun Shrimp and Shanghai Shimmer without a trip to the salon. When you do choose a perfect shade, the app will tell you where to buy it, or better yet, it will recommend a nail salon that carries the product.

Beauty Calls

The Beauty Calls app is a perfect way to have beauty advice at your fingertips. Fill out a basic beauty profile and the app will suggest a daily tip, like the best time to apply moisturizer (immediately after a bath or shower, it turns out) or a home recipe for hair conditioner. Based on your beauty profile, Beauty Calls offers consultation as well. The app will also send you digital coupons for your favorite beauty products. Hot tips and discounts, too! It's totally worth .99 to buy the app through iTunes.


Beauty News and Make-up Trends, Tips & Video

Are you wondering how to pull off the hottest lipstick trend? The Beauty News and Make-up Trends application will tell you how to rock that orange lipstick, seen all over the runway recently.

This app is a brand new addition to iTunes. For $1.99, you'll be kept up to date on the latest trends and news in all things beauty. You will also get the latest and greatest beauty tips, many by video. This app will keep you connected to the latest beauty and make-up blogs, and you'll always know what celebrities are doing and wearing (in terms of make-up, that is). The app will also allow you to connect with Facebook and Twitter to share your tips and tricks with your friends and family.


Sometimes nothing makes you feel as rejuvenated and beautiful as a trip to the spa. Relaxation is one of the oldest beauty tricks in the book, and the free iSpa app will help you find the nearest place to unwind. The app detects your current location and suggests spas in the area. Tap on the results to call for an appointment or to connect to the spa's website. The interactive map will provide you with driving directions, so you'll be wrapped up in a fluffy robe sipping cucumber water in no time.


aBeauty Pro

This app is the perfect way to try a new product or a whole new look. Simply upload a photo and the app will let you try new shades of lipstick, eye color techniques and more in varying degrees of intensity. Try out a new sexy, smoky eye before a first date or see if that bright red lipstick that works so well on a co-worker will work for you, too. This app is a little pricey at $3.99, but it is lots of fun to use and helpful, too!