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Want a sugar-free frosting that takes the cake? Don't miss out on this creamy, dreamy concoction.  Prepared with four simple ingredients, this frosting definitely tops those store-bought brands. Enjoy the spread. 

Get ready to go bananas over this fabulously fruity bread. Giving it even more appeal is the fact that it's low in fat. So if you've got a hankering for some freshly baked goods, opt for home-baked banana bread that puts storebought brands to shame.

Greek New Year Bread is traditionally cut at midnight on New Year's Eve. After baking, a coin is inserted through a slit in the base. The person who finds the coin will have luck in the New Year. Long ago a gold coin was used, then later a silver coneoin was used. These could be incorporated into the dough before baking. Nowadays, because of the nickel content of coins, it is not reccomended to bake a coin in the cake.

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