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This spectacular dessert will look fabulous on your table with a few shaved chocolate curls. But best of all -- its fat content won't show up on your waistline!


It's hard to deny the power of rice pudding when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth. Of course, this custard-y classic does the trick in a healthy, hearty fashion. Dig in!

This hot chocolate will put all of those boxed brands to shame. With real chocolate, milk, whipped cream and nutmeg, this is the ultimate dessert on a cold night.


Cherry, chocolate and rum make a wining combination with this great-tasting trifle. When it comes to desserts that are pleasing to the eye and the stomach, this delicious dessert takes the cake. It's a sweet treat that's sure to satisfy. 

If you're a fan of baklava, you'll go nuts over a new take on a traditional Greek favorite. One thing is for sure -- this decadent dessert won't go to waste. In fact, you'll be hardpressed to even find a crumb.

Talk about making a good dish great. What makes this breakfast/dessert so convenient is that you can use pre-packaged pastries and build upon your favorite brand. For best results, chill overnight.

Whole-wheat flour for a perfect pastry crust that you can fill with your orange marmalade!

It'll be all Greek to you once you give this traditional baklava dish a try. This dessert is downright divine. In fact, it's so good it's become an international favorite. Now, bake your own batch.

There are those culinary whizzes who can't bring themselves to use frozen pie crust. This recipe is for those folks. Freeze the dough and use it for anything from pot pie to quiche.


Skip the boxed cakes and go for the gold this time with your own homemade buttermilk cake. It's moist. It's delicious. In fact, it's so good people will be asking for the name of your "bakery."

Sponge cake has a reputation for being airy and oh-so-good. Well, this isn't your typical sponge cake as it relies on marshmallows to take the lead. You've never known a sweet treat to taste like this before.

Semi-sweet chocolate for the cake and French-vanilla chocolate for the icing! That's what makes this cake a guilty pleasure. If this doesn't satisfy your hankering for something chocolately, nothing will.

When you can't decide between chocolate and strawberry, you get the next best thing. This mouthwatering mousse brings two fabulous flavors together in one decadent dessert. Be sure not to forget the mint sprigs for the true culinary experience.

Nothing compares to the tempting taste of white chocolate. This marvelous mousse pie requires no cooking time. Drop in a couple teaspoons of rum for an added kick. As far as desserts go, this one truly takes the cake.

Mousse is a divine dessert typically made from egg and cream. It's usually combined with other flavors such as chocolate or pureed fruit. The egg whites are beaten before being incorporated into the other ingredients to produce a light and fluffy, yet extremely rich confection.

Whip it good. This chocolate mousse is an absolute dream. The raspberries bring the exquisite taste home and you can even add a dollop of whipped cream for extra greatness.

A strudel is a type of pastry that originated in the Hapsburg Empire and is often associated with Austrian cuisine. The good news is you don't even have to leave your kitchen to learn what all the hype is about.

This famous Mexican dessert takes the cake. The custard-like flan is rich in flavor and smooth in texture. It's the perfect way to polish off any Mexican meal.

When you're craving a chocolate fix, this layered dessert is absolutely out of this world. Sink your teeth into a magnificent medley of sweet relief.

This delight is creamy, rich and chock full of peanut butter. For gifts, a bake sale or just an indulgence, it'll be a hit!

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