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Layers of Pork Chops

Don't have time to cook tonight, get a head start with this pork chop dish. Simply toss the ingredients together in the crock-pot and let it stew for a few hours. It's a great way to play catch up with this ketchup-based dish.

Layers of Pork Chops


For 6 people

  • 6 pork chops
  • 1 Ketchup
  • 1 bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1/2 cup(s) water


Brown pork chops in a skillet. In a crock-pot, layer ingredients as follows: 1 pork chop, 1/6 of onion, 1/6 of bell pepper, enough ketchup to cover with a thin layer, Repeat layers until all ingredients are used. Pour in water. Cook in crock-pot on high for 3 hours.
Ready in 3 hours

Nutrition facts

  • Kcal: 76.08 kcal
  • Fibers (g): 0.46g
  • Sodium (mg): 42.35mg
  • Carbs: 3.93g
  • Fat: 3.16g
  • Saturated fat (g): 1.01g
  • Proteins: 7.58g