Sweet Butter Spread

Sweet butter with notes of honey and cinnamon can be spread over everything from pancakes and breakfast biscuits to French baguettes and dinner rolls.

Sweet Butter Spread


For 1 people

  • 1 cup(s) honey
  • 1 cup(s) butter
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon(s) cinnamon


Mix all ingredients until smooth.
Ready in 10 min

Nutrition facts

  • Kcal: 2667.78 kcal
  • Fibers (g): 2.75g
  • Sodium (mg): 1473.56mg
  • Carbs: 282.63g
  • Fat: 184.16g
  • Saturated fat (g): 116.62g
  • Proteins: 3.1g