Sweet Potato Salad, Moroccan Style

Kick it up a notch at the dinner table and make it Moroccan style. A sweet and spicy salad with olives and capers! Perfect for any holiday celebration. 

Sweet Potato Salad, Moroccan Style


For 4 people

  • 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into cubes
  • 3/4 teaspoon(s) grated fresh ginger
  • 1 teaspoon(s) cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoon(s) harissa or chili peppers
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 2/3 tablespoon(s) honey
  • 1 dash(es) salt
  • 1/4 cup(s) coriander
  • 3 1/2 ounce(s) black olives, to taste
  • 4 tablespoon(s) capers


Boil the sweet potatoes in just enough water to cover. Stir in the ginger, cinnamon, harissa, lemon, honey and salt and boil for about 10 minutes, or until the potatoes are cooked but not falling apart. The sauce should be thick, almost syrup-like. If it isn't, lift out the potatoes and boil the sauce until it is thicker. When the sauce is done, mix in the coriander, olives and capers. Cool and serve as an appetizer.
Ready in 25 min

Nutrition facts

  • Kcal: 138.09 kcal
  • Fibers (g): 3.77g
  • Sodium (mg): 897.43mg
  • Carbs: 23.12g
  • Fat: 4.47g
  • Saturated fat (g): 0.02g
  • Proteins: 2.57g