Chill Out with the Cool-It Caddy

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The temperatures might be dropping, but that doesn't mean the Cool-It Caddy still isn't a hot gift item this holiday season. When you are looking for something for the someone who almost has it all, think Cool-It Caddy. This great gift is ideal for anyone who has ever left her cosmetics in a hot car, only to find them a melted mess. By the time you finally discover your favorite MAC lipstick is nothing more than a mushy memory of what used to be, it's usually too late. So what's a girl to do to keep her cool? Invest in a Cool-it Caddy. Think of it as a lunchbox for your make-up. Although warm weather is still months away, your family and friends will thank you come summer. The Cool-it Caddy Classic comes complete with an insulated interior and integrated coolant system that keeps items cool for up to 7 hours.