Hair Parts Take Center Stage

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We're here to offer you a parting gift when it comes to your hair this spring. The hottest looks among stars and on the runway predict that center parts are going to be a big hair trend. But before you panic and worry about looking like a zipperhead or a hippie, here are a few ways to wear this hair-raising style. First of all, while it's not a perfect style for all face shapes, most really can wear some modified version of a center part. The perfect face shape for a sleek, straight, middle-parted style is the round face - think Renee Zellweger and Drew Barrymore. A center part can add the optical illusion of length to a circular face, but only if it's a longer, more angular cut that hits well below the chin. Adding height at the crown of the head - with curls or an updo, for example, helps create the effect as well.