Positive Body Image: There's An App for That!

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Sometimes we all need a reminder that we're beautiful, inside and out. So when you're feeling down on yourself, it's helpful to have a little motivation right at your fingertips. Why not use that smartphone to help you feel great about yourself, no matter where you are? You can get inspirational quotes and more via Body Beautiful, a 99-cent app that delivers quotes, articles, tools and videos that may give you the boost you need. If you have a friend who 's in need of a little body love, then you can take her picture and imprint encouraging messages to share via email. There's a "Buzz" section where you can browse news about perpetuating a healthy body image, and you can even sign a pledge to share with your Facebook friends to join the fight against the media's standard of beauty and negative self-talk. Allie Marie Smith is the developer of the app, and she knows a little about feeling bad about yourself. She struggled with disordered eating habits and finally made peace with her body, a sentiment she'd like to pass on to other women and girls.