Should You Go Commando?

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It seems as if the rash of celebrities flashing the paparazzi in too-short skirts and nonexistent undergarments has ended. But many women still prefer to go bare, or commando - eschewing undies to allow their nether regions a little freedom. Maybe it's to spice up things with a partner, simply more comfortable or a desire to be panty line free, but many women go without their underwear on a regular basis. Now that the weather's getting warmer and fashions get more revealing, should you try going commando? Consider a few things first. Health-wise, it's OK to do; however, if you're risking contact with places where you'll sit by wearing a shorter style, you should know that it's easier to transmit sexually transmitted parasites like pubic lice, aka crabs. And if you're wearing coarse material, like denim, then that can irritate the delicate skin down there, particularly if you wax or shave.