Super Sonic: The Ultimate Skin Cleaning System

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Searching for the perfect holiday gift for the women in your life? Make it all about Mia. Skin cleaning systems are a hot commodity for the beauty aficionado. Despite the many cleansers, loofahs and other supplies, many women are still unable to wash away the gunk and the grime after a long, hard day. That's where the handheld Sonic Skin Cleansing System comes in. One of the most in-demand Clarisonic cleaning systems is the Mia. This compact cleaner utilizes state-of-the-art micro-massager technologies said to work within the skin's natural elasticity to remove all of the impurities left behind by traditional ways of face washing. Think of it like a car wash, only for your face and way gentler. And the good news is that all that spinning gets the job done. Here's what the Mia promises to do: remove six times more makeup than manual cleaning, leave skin feeling and looking smoother, reduce oil areas, dry skin and blemishes, reduce appearance of visible pores, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sounds pretty ambitious to us. Believe it or not, it actually fulfills those promises.