The Skincare Steps You're Missing

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Your face gets pretty clean when you follow the same steps you always have, right? Wet your face, slap on some cleanser and splash clean? Keeping your skin clean and in top condition is as simple as that, but there may be some steps you're missing along the way. Read on to find out what you're leaving out when it comes to your skincare regimen. Take a look at the tools you use to wash your face - we're talking about your hands. If they're dirty, you'll transfer germs to your face and may cause a breakout. We touch our faces countless times during the day - be sure yours are clean most of the time to avoid breakouts - and getting sick, obviously. Another breakout risk is on the line - the phone line, that is. Keep your phone clean with antibacterial wipes because when it spends time pressed against your skin, it can transfer bacteria. Take your skin's condition under advisement as you clean - is it sensitive?