Celebrities Are Going Crazy For The Brazilian Blow Dry!

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Celebrities are always on the look out for new beauty trends that promise to make them look even more beautiful than they already do. The new hair obsession of the moment is the Brazilian Blow Dry. Nicole Richie loved the new smoothing treatment so much she told the whole world about it on Twitter and Lindsay Lohan and Ashley Tisdale are known to be fans also. But what is the Brazilian Blow Dry and why has it got the celebs so excited?

In a nutshell, the Brazilian Blow Dry makes troublesome locks more manageable. If you spend hours teasing your curly, unruly locks in to some sort of straight style just to have all your hard work ruined by even the idea of a spot of rain, then you need the Brazilian Blow Dry in your life. This miracle treatment smoothes and straightens even the most unruliest of manes and transforms it into the shiniest and smoothest strands you have ever seen!