Ladies: How to Get The Perfect Shave

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While shaving is considered a key part of the female primping and pampering routine for most of the Western world, it isn't usually a relaxing or fun activity for women who do it everyday. If asked to choose a personal care practice we would never have to do again, a majority of women would probably pick shaving.

Shaving your legs can be a drag for a variety of reasons. Common complaints include skin irritation, missed spots (darn that area behind my knee!), and quick hair regrowth. If you shave your underarms too, you have these challenges and more. While all of these are valid problems, most can be cleared up with a few simple modifications to your shaving routine. Many of us have been using the same shaving technique since we were young teens, and may not realize there are better ways to perform this beauty task.

With some basic tips and a little practice, you should be able to get a smooth, skin friendly shave that will be worthy of your shortest skirt. It's OK if your technique is a little rusty, as long as your razor isn't!