Straight and Sleek: 5 Hair Straightening Techniques

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Sleek, shiny, straight hair is a sought after look that does not come naturally to many women. Luckily, it is not difficult to achieve. Depending on your time commitment, budget, and possible aversion (or not) to chemicals, there are lots of options for hair straightening techniques, either at home or at the salon.

At Home

At-home straightening techniques are the fastest and cheapest way to achieve straight hair. They do require a bit of skill on the part of the stylist - you, which is why these techniques sometimes achieve imperfect results.

1. Using a Blow Dryer

Allow your wet hair to dry until it is just damp, either by air drying, blow drying or towel drying. Add styling product to your hair, concentrating it on the roots. With a blow dryer (preferably one with 1800 watts or more, and a round brush), blow dry your hair in sections. Take a section of hair less than one-inch thick and lift it at the root with the round brush. Blow it dry, allowing the hair to cool while on the brush. This should create volume at the root while smoothing and straightening the hair.

When you are finished blow drying the separate sections of your hair, use the cool setting on your dryer to blow cool air on your hair, setting the style. Spray your hair with an anti-humidity spray to set it.