The Best Bath Indulgences

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A bathroom is supposed to be a sanctuary - a place to refresh, relax, and prepare yourself for the day. However, most women know you’re lucky if you get a few minutes to brush your teeth, slap on some makeup and adjust your hair before the kids, husband and dog barge in.

During moments like these, visions of a luxury spa or whirlpool tub may be floating through your head, but you don’t have to leave home to get an indulgent experience. Find an hour (or two!) where you can put your significant other on daddy-duty, lock the door and turn your home bath into a soothing spa experience. Here are some simple ways to transform any ordinary bathroom into an in-home slice of paradise!

Bath Fizzies - Depending on what kind of bath experience you want, there is likely a bath fizzie that can give you it. These solid blocks that almost look soap-like can be found in the bath aisle and are dropped into a hot tub and will release fizz, fragrance and minerals into the water. The many varieties can offer a relaxing experience with scents of lavender for a rejuvenating soak with hints of citrus. Bath fizzies can also be a nice alternative to the traditional bubble bath if you’re looking for something a little more "grown-up."