Travel Toiletries: On-the-Go Must-haves

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Most people think of airline travel when they hear "travel toiletries", yet many of these pocket-sized conveniences are just as at home in your purse as in a suitcase! Miniature versions of our favorite cosmetic and hygiene products have become increasingly popular given the new TSA guidelines for flying with liquids. This means a whole new world of portable conveniences ready to fit in your everyday bag!

TSA Regulations When Traveling with Liquids

The new federal regulations for carry-on liquids state that you cannot have more than a 3oz. container of liquid or gel packed in your carry-on luggage. This means your perfumes, shampoos, hair gel, and body wash all have to be contained in a bottle no larger than 3oz.

You can have as many bottles as you want, but they all must fit in a single 1-quart sized zip-top clear plastic bag. Only a single 1 quart bag is permitted per passenger, and it must be removed at the security line to go through the scanner. The liquid rule, known as the 3-1-1 rule, does not allow for containers larger than 3oz., even if there is less than a 3-ounce portion of the contents within the bottle.