The Best Shoes for Your Leg Shape
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When the seasons change, nothing is more fun than getting out last year's styles, figuring out what needs replacing and finally - shoe shopping! But there's more to consider than a shoe's seasonality when you shop. Take a look at those... Read More
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Dos And Don'ts Of Perfume
Since time immemorial, perfume is the object of both men and women's fascination. We love to smell good and perfume with its captivating...
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Secrets To Soothe And Heal Dry Or Chapped Lips Naturally
If you're looking for a way to heal chapped lips or dry lips or just want to have softer beautiful lips, I have a few tips for you. If...
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Do You Really Need a Moisturizer?
Don’t be a slave to the lotion bottle - save your dry skin naturally! Moisturizers have become the most popular answer to dry,...
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