Break out of a Hair Rut
Today's Beauty Tip
If you've ever run into an old friend who hasn't seen you in awhile, don't assume that she's complimenting you when she says, "You haven't changed a bit!" We all need an update to our looks once in awhile, and changing your hairstyle is a... Read More
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Hair Removal Products and Techniques
When looking for a hair removal solution, there are many factors to consider. You need to think about where you are removing the hair...
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Styling Tools
Styling tools are a crucial part of our daily beauty rituals. If they're not part of your daily regimen, that means one of two things: a....
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Great Ways to Accessorize Your Looks
Accessories lend a crowning touch to any ensemble. If you're headed into the office in a long unbuttoned cardigan, tunic tank and fitted...
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