Best Braids: Front and Center

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Whether you're 9 or 39, side braids are all the latest rage. From Sienna Miller to Lauren Conrad, it seems like the hippest actresses are donning variations of this fun yet feminine hairstyle that enable women to get in touch with their inner flower child. Not only is this 'do fashionable, it's also practical as it's a way for gals to keep their hair out of their eyes. To achieve this look you'll need nothing more than a comb, an elastic and some hairspray. The first step is to comb through the hair. Some experts believe it's easier to work with hair that hasn't been washed in a day or two. Next, make a side part. Grab a couple of inches of hair and pull the rest back in a ponytail. This will prevent it from getting mixed in with the section of hair with which you are working. Take the remaining hair and divide it into three even sections.