Blow Off the Dryer: Air-Dried Hairstyles

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Do you ever feel like you're a slave to your hair dryer? You can still have a good hair day without the assistance of a blow dryer. It's simply a matter of getting creative with your lovely locks. For example, why not ride the waves this summer? Nothing is as sexy and sultry as a head of naturally wavy hair. Achieving the look is simple. Following a shower, divide damp hair down the middle toward the top of the head. Then use a comb to pull the rest of the hair straight back. This is to add volume to the head. Add a small blob of mousse to the hair. Separate the hair into six or seven small sections and braid each area. Then twist the braids into small buns and wrap with an elastic. Then spray the roots with a volumizer. Wait 10 minutes and then undo the buns.