Get Cheeky: How to Get Higher

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Face it -- we're not all blessed with high cheekbones like Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen and other glam gals. The good news is that you can model yourself after those famous cover girl faces with the right makeup techniques. While some women are willing to go to great (and often painful) lengths to achieve this look through plastic surgery, most of us would prefer to take some simple shortcuts that don't involve getting nipped and tucked. The secret is to give the impression that you've got those enviable cheekbones. You'll need moisturizer, foundation, bronzer, blush, a contouring brush, a soft makeup brush and a makeup highlighter pen to have the look down pat. Having two opposing colors (a light and a dark) is of the utmost importance. To get started, clean your face completely and apply a moisturizer. You'll want to cover the face with a layer of foundation. Make sure it is applied evenly so as not to throw off the look.