Give Bridesmaids Beautiful Gifts

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They'll stand up for their friends, throw showers and even shell out for a dress they'll never wear again. (C'mon - who are we kidding?) So it's only fitting when you get married - or help plan a wedding - that the bridesmaids are shown appreciation for all of the things they do for the bride along the way. If you're considering those cute "Bridesmaid" emblazoned hoodies, t-shirts, robes or other garments, then you may want to keep looking. Those items will be worn about as often as the dress in the ceremony. It may make for a cute photo op, but giving only those items as gifts won't be appreciated. Consider the individual personalities of the bridesmaids as you choose. The party may comprise ladies who you don't know very well - whether they're close family members of the groom or vary in age and interests. A no-nonsense, practical girl may not appreciate a spa gift certificate, for example.