How to Wear Summer's Haute Colors: Orange and Coral

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Orange isn't just for pumpkins. If you're one of those women who can't own up to possessing a shred of orange in their wardrobe, you are missing out. This season, designers ranging from Marc Jacobs to Tory Burch have plied the runways with everything orange. It goes without saying that orange just happens to be the hottest color for spring and summer. And there's nothing dull or drab about instituting this hue into everything you own. From necklaces to negligees, there's good reason for orange to become your main squeeze. A bold and exciting color, prepare for shades of tangerine, terracotta and neon orange resurrected from the '80s. While some people believe orange should only be attempted by people with olive and dark skin, that couldn't be further from the truth. The color can look good on anyone - the secret is just learning how to wear it. When you go orange, it's important to match it up with the right color scheme. While black and brown always go well with orange, it definitely puts more of a fall twist on your look.