Lipstick Finishes: What's Best for You?

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Gloss, matte, satin...lipsticks have more looks than ever. Whether you like a little shine, a lot of shine or a dramatic, velvety texture, the choice you make can have an impact on your whole look. Glosses tend to provide a lot of shine and subtle color. You can go shimmery, glittery or pearly as well. Matte finishes are color-drenched and long-lasting but have virtually no shine. These lip colors can be drying as well. They tend to settle into lines on lips and may bleed outside the lip borders, so it's important to use a lip liner with these colors. Moisturization before applying these colors is key to pulling off the look without having lips look chapped and wrinkled. Satin finish lipsticks are sort of a happy medium - they offer lots of color with just a bit of shimmer. They are more hydrating than mattes, so they don't have such a drying effect. Most women can wear a satin finish, regardless of their age or lip shape. If you have large lips, then you may want to give matte a try.