Love Me Knots: Tips for Untangling

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Forget having your stomach in knots -- there's nothing more mind-numbing than dealing with a head full of tangled hair. However, it's important how you pick your battles... and your hair. Before you tackle those trying tangles head on, have a game plan in place. Here are tried-and-true tactics that usually do the job. For minor mats, coat the hair with leave-in conditioner or hand lotion. Take a wide-toothed comb and begin picking the knot or knots. Work from the bottom up. Hold the knot in one hand and use the other to work through the tangles. If that doesn't do the trick, completely wet the hair. Some people believe it's easier to untangle hair when it's dry, but others swear by treating knots while the hair is wet. They suggest applying conditioner to the hair with the majority going on the ends.