Love the '80s? You're in Luck

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For awhile now, runways have reflected the "me" decade. That's right - it's time to embrace some of those '80s trends most of us have avoided since, well, the 1980s. But trends from the decade are making inroads with a decidedly modern twist. Take ankle booties, that fall staple, for the past couple of seasons. They first surfaced on '80s icons like Madonna, and the trend is still going strong. The same goes for leggings, which are still big. Try leggings with a structured tunic that has shoulder pads for an '80s look that's cool today. Another wearable trend is menswear - suits and ties are big on the red carpet, and they can be appropriate looks for the office as well. They offer that structure that's so flattering on any figure, too. Why not pair a masculine suit with a frilly, Working Girl-style blouse with a bow?