Nail a Quick Manicure

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Can't seem to put your finger on a time when you can sit down and do your nails (or hit the salon to have them done)? It's OK - you can have great-looking nails in about a half hour. Start by removing any polish that you have on your nails. Simply painting over old nail polish creates an uneven surface where new polish can clump and appear discolored. To prevent time-consuming rubbing, soak the cotton ball in nail polish remover and press onto the nail for a few seconds, then rub off. Wash hands and scrub under nails to remove dirt and remover residue. Dry thoroughly and moisturize. Prepare all the tools and polish that you'll need before applying polish to prevent smudges. Push back cuticles, either with a dry washcloth or orange stick. Clip nails to even lengths and round off edges with an emery board. If you have time, then you should apply a clear base coat, especially if your nails have a lot of ridges or uneven surfaces.