Pull Out the Stops for Pit Stains

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Underarm wetness is the pits. There's nothing worse than being all dressed up, only to have your look sabotaged by those pathetic armpit stains. We're talking about the big wet spots that mar any outfit. While black and brown garments often disguise the unfashionable flaws, you can't spend the rest of your life living in the "dark" ages. Here are some effective ways to tackle this unsightly issue. The first step is to protect yourself by investing in a strong antiperspirant. If you feel like your product isn't doing the job, talk to a dermatologist about getting a prescription for an antiperspirant that has aluminum chloride. Use at night and rinse in the morning. Still wetter than you want? Underarm sweat pads will absorb the moisture and prevent sweat stains from showing on your blouses or dresses. Sweat pads are available in disposable and reusable. Consider using alternative treatments to address the issue. For example, target when you sweat the most. Is it under stressful situations? If so, learn to meditate and perform other stress reduction techniques.