Scarred For Life? Maybe Not

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We all have our scars. From acne to chicken pox, they're the marks that leave us branded for life. Or so you think. There are a few schools of thought when it comes to scars. You have those who choose to live with their scars, identifying them more as a source of character. Some people will go to great lengths to remove unwanted marks, even resorting to laser surgery to erase the wounds. Then there are those who don't care enough to undergo cosmetic surgery but do care enough to give home remedies a shot. If you fall into the latter, here are a few options you can attempt to use to banish that blemish. It's important to remember you'll treat old wounds differently from new wounds. Vitamin E has a reputation for boosting skin health and can work for both. Apply vitamin E oil to the scar. Massage it into the scar. Or you can break open a vitamin E capsule and allow the oil to pour into the scar.