Selling Beauty Products for Extra Income

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Finding extra income in this economic downturn has led many women to look into selling jewelry and cosmetics for a little extra cash. But is it for you and your family? First, do your research. Find companies that allow you to sell their product, and then start examining whether you can find success selling that product. Find out if your area is saturated with sales representatives from the same company. If so, then competition will be high, especially if you're a new recruit. Figure out if there is a demand for the product you're interested in selling and if people can actually afford the product. Not all women can afford $30 lipsticks or pricey jewelry, like Silpada and Lia Sophia. Are your consumers accessible to you? How will you build your customer base? If the company allows Web sales, then great - no geographical issues will inhibit sales, but if you must deliver products, then you may not find it to be cost-effective after factoring in your travel costs, such as gas.