Should You Shell Out for Designer Jeans?

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You've seen the exorbitant price tags in the boutiques and department stores. But do brands like 7 for All Mankind, Joe's Jeans, True Religion...the list goes on - have any business charging so much for what others sell for a more reasonable cost? The short answer is - not really. It boils down to your preferences regarding fit, fabric, embellishments, and how you choose to wash and dry clothes. Consumer Reports reviewed several low-cost, mid-range and expensive jeans brands to see which came out on top in its June 2010 issue. They washed each pair five times - although it's unclear whether they dried them in the dryer - and examined construction features of each. Surprisingly, the more expensive brands tested, including True Religion and 7 for All Mankind, had the highest levels of shrinkage and the least amount of reinforcement in the waist.