The Beauty Bennies of Petroleum Jelly

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When it comes to beauty basics, petroleum jelly is one of those must-haves. That's right. Good old Vaseline is a versatile product that can save the day in so many situations. Unlike some pricey beauty products, a jar of Vaseline is just plain cheap. Here are some of the ways Vaseline can help. Eye make-up remover: Apply Vaseline to a soft wet cloth. Close the eyes and gently rub the cloth over it until you've successfully removed all make-up and residue. Use a clean cloth to wipe away any remaining Vaseline. Chapped lips: Dab the lips with Vaseline. Use a toothbrush to slough away dead skin and flakes. Lip gloss: Apply a dab of petroleum jelly to the lips for a nice shine. Remember, a little goes a long way. Dry feet: At night, wash feet thoroughly. Use a pumice stone or loofah to get rid of dry skin. Once you've dried your feet, cover them in Vaseline and don a pair of soft socks. Vaseline can also be used on other areas where you have dry skin.