The Hottest (and Grossest) Beauty Treatments

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Women will go to great lengths to improve the texture of their skin and stave off the anti-aging process. So great, in fact, that it seems some will apply the most unconventional - and nastiest -- substances under the sun to find the fountain of youth again. We all know that Botox smooths wrinkles...but did you know that its name refers to the botulin bacteria, which causes a fatal food poisoning illness called botulism? Another facial immobilizer that's slithered its way onto the market is snake venom. When used in controlled amounts, it has a Botox-like effect on wrinkles. There's a lot of sh*t available to apply to your face, but the best kind is the kind that comes from nightingales. That's right - the Bird Poop Facial, as it is known at Shizuka Bernstein's NYC salon, uses nightingale droppings to brighten, soften and nourish skin.