The Longest-Lasting Nail Polishes

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Busy women expect a lot out of their manicures, and they should. We want a color that is on trend for the season and that we love. And we want a formula that dries quickly, looks great and is long-lasting, while being easy on the wallet. Does such a dream formula exist? Well, yes and no. Your technique is key to keeping the polish in place for at least a few days. Don't skimp on your base coat and top coat, and be sure to paint clean, dry nails. Sweep a cotton ball over the surface of naked nails if you're not sure they're clean and free of lotions, dirt and other polish looseners. Ensure that the edges of your nails are smooth so they don't tend to weaken and break. Now you're ready to paint - but with what? If you have a little extra pocket change, then it's worth going for the high-end brands like OPI, Essie and China Glaze. If you like a more natural formula, then you've got Zoya and Butter in the same price range. These two brands are tolulene- and formaldehyde-free.