Wardrobe Malfunction? How to Fix it Fast

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Nothing is worse than being out and about in a cute outfit and suffering a rip, stain, fallen hem or overexposed skin, aka a wardrobe malfunction. Don't assume the only solution is running home to change. Having a few strategic items on hand can fix any apparel issue that you might have. First, prevent problems before they happen. If you wear pantyhose, runs are always going to be a problem. Prevent them by spraying hose with hairspray and hanging them to dry before putting them on. If you find one later, keep a bottle of clear nail polish on hand to stop the run in its tracks. A crisp hem gives polish to any outfit, but if you find that your hem has fallen, don't worry. Double-sided tape, masking tape or even duct tape will tack that hem up until you can mend it at home. Carry strips of dress tape to fix a hem and a whole host of clothing issues. If you're worried about exposing more than you'd care to with a plunging neckline, no problem.