5 Biggest Bikini Faux Pas: Are You Guilty?

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Not every bikini is right for every body. When it comes to bathing suits, one size does not fit all, nor does one style. If you're confident enough to brave a bikini in public, you'll want to avoid these five embarrassing faux pas to attract the right kind of attention. 

Side boob views, dental floss bottoms and muffin tops are just a few of the most common fashion flubs. Pair that with overly bright, blingy or strappy, and you have the formula for good bikinis gone bad. 

Subtle, suitable and simply stylish is what you should actually be angling for this summer. It is possible to sizzle – you just need to know what is hot and what is not. One rule of thumb is to look before you leap into that two-piece. Before you hit the beach, take a good, honest look in the mirror and figure out if you're giving yourself a bum deal.