5 Biggest Bikini Faux Pas: Are You Guilty?

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Weird, Gaudy and Inappropriate Fashions 

Bikinis attract a lot of attention – it's a fact. So there's no need to wear something odd or over-the-top. Unfortunately, there are a lot of women strutting around in some embarrassingly garish fashions. Some of the bikini fashions to steer clear of include: 

  • bikinis with too many straps (Dozens of straps are distracting. Plus, they leave a horrible maze of tan lines.);
  • costume-themed bikinis (e.g., tutus, cartoon characters);
  • suits with bling (Lots of sequins, chains or gold embellishments can appear gaudy);
  • distracting, ugly, outdated or overly youthful prints (leopard print, polka-dots, '80s florals, etc.); and
  • bizarre designs (micro monokinis, suits that draw attention to the nether region, etc.). 

Leaving Nothing to the Imagination 

The last bikini faux pas is essentially a combination of mistakes one and two. We're talking about giving people the big reveal – on top AND bottom. That's right -- two-for-the-price-of-one. Look, a day at the beach should be just that. You're not out to give the general public a peep show. So why not keep it classy?