5 Biggest Bikini Faux Pas: Are You Guilty?

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Nobody needs to see your entire derriere, or 9/10 of your chest. Tops that barely cover the nipples or bottoms consisting a mere 2.2 centimeters-triangle are a little too risqué for the beach and can appear flat-out trashy. 

This goes for bikinis that mimic lingerie. Tops with bra-like adjustable straps and lacy bottoms look awkward in public. A general rule of thumb is that if it looks like a bra or panties, treat it like one and only wear it under clothing. 

Take a few moments and ask yourself if you are, in fact, guilty of any of these five bikini faux pas. Remember, your bikini should accentuate your positive characteristics, not distract with the kind of attention earned by exotic dancers and street walkers. Settle on a bikini that's simple, tasteful and suits your personal sense of style.