Diffuser Product Review

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Learning how to make the most of your curly or wavy hair can take some practice. You've probably gone through some trial and error over the years regarding hair care and styles. From the sky-high teased look to the ill-advised attempt at bangs, chances are you have a few photos that prompt "What was I thinking?" moments.

Luckily, caring for curly or wavy hair is easier now than ever. Almost every hair care company has a product line geared to defining and enhancing curly hair types. And there are plenty of styling tools available to help you get the bouncy, springy, salon-perfect curls of your dreams.

Diffusers are indispensable hair care tools for anyone with curly or wavy hair. Diffusers are attachments that fit on the end of your hair dryer to help evenly distribute warm air and heat for faster, more effective hair drying. Diffusers are usually round or oval and some have small protrusions called fingers that help direct the air to the roots of your hair to provide extra lift and volume.

Who Should Use a Diffuser?

Anyone prone to dry or damaged hair needs to take extra precautions to keep hair healthy. Curly, coarse, and thick hair is more susceptible to dryness and breakage, which is why diffusers are at the top of the list of beauty must-haves for women with this hair type.