Fight the Frizz: Hot Oil Treatments You Need To Know

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Most women agree: Frizz stinks. It blurs the lines of a good haircut, makes a ponytail look like a puffball, and turns styling into an ordeal. Whatever your hair type and however you like to wear it, it looks so much better smooth and sleek.

When your hair is in good shape, it better showcases your cut, style, and color, and feels wonderfully silky to the touch. Problem is, frizz is just plain stubborn, so much so that women end up spending a fortune buying products to eliminate it.

We hate frizz so much because it means our hair isn't very healthy; it's a result of damage sustained from outside sources. Even young children can have frizzy hair, particularly if they have curly and/or tangle prone hair that receives rough combing, or if they frequently wear uncovered rubber ponytail elastics. As adults, we continue the barrage on our hair with heat styling, perms, dye jobs, and more.

The best ways to fight frizz is to treat your hair gently and use smoothing products in humid weather or when otherwise needed. Hot oil treatments are also valuable tools for reducing frizz.