Hot Hairstyles That Chop Years Off Your Age

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The wrong hairstyle can give you more than a bad hair day. It can add years to your appearance. You can have a trim, young-looking body, but if your hair looks worn out, guess what? You might, too.

Check out these four sexy, flattering cuts to help you turn back the clock. No time travel or plastic surgery required; just a savvy stylist and a pair of scissors.

The Gamine

You know the look: short, sweet and boyish, with a few feminine waves or spikes at the crown (also known as the pixie). It’s the look that made a young Audrey Hepburn famous. These days, you’ll find it on Halle Berry, Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway.

Short hair can be sexy and can reflect confidence. The softer shape of short-cropped hair can also make wrinkles and other obvious creases in your face less noticeable, whereas straight, severe lines of long hair can emphasize them. Don’t forget the best part of all - easy maintenance!

The Chin-Length Bob

A bob with ample layers and a gently tousled look can defy age. Layers soften the face and have an alluring appeal. Katie Holmes and Jenny McCarthy are perfect examples of how a chin-length, layered bob can accentuate the face and draw attention to the right places.