Presence with a Purpose: Seven Ways to Create Your Style Your Way

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The Diva:

The "Diva" is the woman who wants to be in the spotlight. She may not be the most beautiful in the room but people gravitate towards her because she rocks her style and exudes confidence and charm. The Diva's closet may be filled with bright colors, funky prints, exuberant designs with lots of flash and accessories that dazzle. She wants to be noticed and she wants to be the center of attention so she will go to the extremes of fashion if she needs to.

The Outdoorsy:

The "Outdoorsy" style woman projects a casual, laid back image, characterized by a friendly, approachable look. She's wholesome, carefree and natural without being sloppy or lazy. Sporty typifies the 'all American style' of blue jeans and a button down. This woman's closet is filled with relaxed separates, classic styles, and jeans and flats. She has minimal accessories because she does not like to spend too much time getting dressed up. Effortless and comfortable are her style watchwords.

The Traditionalist:

The "Traditionalist" is a woman who favors classic styles and projects a very traditional, conservative and business like image. She is practical and functional when it comes to her clothing. Her closet is filled with suits, classic silhouettes, very conservative styles and not much variation in color. She probably has a 'uniform' for her casual wardrobe. Being fashionable is not particularly important to her.