Presence with a Purpose: Seven Ways to Create Your Style Your Way

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The Sophisticate:

The "Sophisticate" is a woman who values fashion as a status symbol. She projects a refined, stately and high maintenance image that is characterized by a cultivated and polished look. This woman will always look impeccably put together from head to toe. She invests in clothing and grooming because they are an important part of her lifestyle. Her closet is filled with timeless pieces from brand name designers, and clothing in the most luxurious fabrics. The Sophisticate values quality as much as she does style.

The Seductress:

This woman is very comfortable in her skin-so much so that she projects a sexy and provocative look. She exudes sensuality and is uninhibited in her fashion choices. She delights in figure contouring designs, and her closet will be filled with pieces that are exciting and designed to reveal and emphasize her sex appeal. She will own the highest heels, the shortest dresses, the most daring undergarments and she will use animal prints and cutouts as accents in her clothing. If she wears slacks they will be figure hugging.

The Eclectic

This woman thrives on the element of surprise and whimsy. The eclectic woman is free spirited and independent in her fashion choices. She wants to be the non-conformist and uses clothing to express her individuality. Her style may be hard to define because it's so all about her. Her closet will be filled with period pieces, classics, trendy items -everything is fair game. It's how she puts her ensembles together that makes her stand apart from the pack. This woman is likely to set her own fashion trends.