Everything You Need To Know About Medical Spas

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For years, women have been making monthly trips to the local spa for manicures, face masks and body waxing. Recently, traditional spas have now started to be replaced by medical spas. By integrating medical technology with self care and wellness, med spas can do wonders for the body. Unlike traditional spas, a medical spa, is operated by a licensed physician and is clinical in nature. What sorts of treatments are available at medical spas?

Weight Loss
Since these spas are operated by a doctor, they have the ability to help both men and women bring about physical changes. For example, med spas utilize medication, specially prescribed diets and individually customized weight loss programs. Additionally, the doctor at the medical spa supervises program and may use drugs like Phentermine, HCG, or other medicinal methods to enhance quick weight loss. In fact, some medical spas specialize in treating people with severe eating disorders and obesity.

Skin Treatment

One of the most popular attractions at these type of clinical facilities is skin treatment. Available for both men and women, medical spas offer spectacular services for flawed or damaged skin. Some of the upscale med spas specialize in microdermabrasion, designed to get rid of dead, dry skin, and chemical peels, which work well on exfoliating dirt and oil from pores. Skin treatments at medical spas also serve to elevate severe to moderate acne problems. Administered by a specialist called an esthetician, these skin specialists have been rigorously trained to treat pimple breakouts. By far, medical spas most sought after treatment for skin is wrinkle reduction.