How to Get the Smoky Eye Look

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We've all seen the smoky eye look on models and celebrities. The expertly smudged liner, the carefully blended highlighting's a look that that makes anyone sexier and more mysterious. It can also be a bit intimidating to attempt. This is especially true if you don't normally wear a lot of eye makeup. The thought of properly applying all that dark liner can seem like mission impossible.

The smoky eye look is very hot right now, and, despite your doubts, a doable look for the everyday gal. You can use the smoky eye to gorgeous effect on nights out, holidays and special occasions. The look takes about 10 minutes to achieve when you know what you're doing, but probably longer at first. If you want this look for an upcoming event, get in a few practice runs before the real deal.

Some cosmetics companies make it much easier for you to create the smoky eye - and other precision shadow and liner looks - by offering complete professional eye cosmetics and tools. Stila and M.A.C. are two companies that excel in this area.