How to Spot a Real Pearl in a Sea of Fakes

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Unfortunately, none of these tests are absolutely foolproof. Unscrupulous dealers have been known to coat glass or plastic beads with several layers of nacre and thus trick even the most careful customer.

To be perfectly safe, take the pearls to an independent, registered gemologist. He will x-ray the pearls and if they are genuine, he will be able to see the parasite that caused the formation of the pearl, the layers of nacre accumulation, and inner variations in density.

His charge for this service will be about one hundred and fifty dollars. If you are buying a very expensive set of pearls, this will be worth the cost.

When you consider that the cost of a genuine pearl necklace will amount to thousands of dollars, the cost of this service, to insure your peace of mind, is negligible. Don't hesitate; it will be worth every penny when you watch that special lady proudly socializing with friends and relatives, secure in the knowledge that she is every bit as fashionably-adorned as Mrs. Bush and Queen Elizabeth.