How to Wear Bangs

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Bangs are one of the most stylish ways to eliminate wrinkles without having to rely on costly creams or Botox injections. OK, maybe not eliminate, but mask. A fashionable fringe on the forehead is cute and covers those pesky little lines that can appear after years of raising our eyebrows in surprise or furrowing our brow in concentration.

Bangs can instantly transform your appearance and the entire look of your face, depending on how you wear them. You could try the always-adorable Bettie Page trademark cut, a sleek and sophisticated look inspired by Katie Holmes' bob, or even something wispy worn to the side like Nicole Richie. No matter what your personality or face, there is a style that is best-suited to your look.

If you haven't tried bangs since the days when you could've passed as an extra in a White Snake video-thank you, Aqua Net!-it might be time to revisit this style. This isn't to say you should grab the scissors and start hacking away at the hair around your face. While bangs can look flirty or chic, they have a high potential for disaster and will be front and center if something goes terribly awry.

Preparing For the Haircut

Choosing a great hairstyle is all about finding a cut and style that works best for the shape of your face, the features that you want to highlight and any areas that you wish to downplay.